About Me

Photography Creative Videographer

I am a woman of faith, wife, mother, and lifestyle photographer.

People enjoying life through my photography is a compliment to the service I provide. I love making others happy and for them to get to experience the side of me that loves the calm still of encapsulated time. Those moments live on forever.

I feel at peace behind the camera. Every frame is a mental snapshot of our time together.

I am a new photographer. Here you will see images that I have taken and some from other photographers who have inspired me along the way.

There is constant growth on this journey and I love you experiencing it with me.

I enjoy photography because I look at it as a gift to our Creator. I love to capture moments and look back on them as time we spent together making memories and having those moments stand still in time.

When I am with my family I enjoy catching the surprised look of my son, the deep model stare in my daughters eyes, or the strength in my husbands stature. Every laugh, smile, giggle, and embrace invigorates my passion and confirms I am on the right path. I would stay in these moments forever. How about you?

PHOTOs should make you feel good.